SHARP Healsio “Hot cook” Recipe

Hi! I’m Harumochi.

This page is for Hot Cook (model KN-HT99A ) recipes in English!


Whole Tomato Soup



Repeat Ratio★★★★★


Whole Tomato Soup looks attractive!!

It’s not only looking but also taste.

This dish really brings out the full flavour of the tomato.

Parmesan cheese goes well with the slight sour.





● 2tomatoes  ( Score tomato bottoms and remove the stems.)

●  4 oz water 

● 2 Tsp  consomme


Just put all of them!! Choose the button” Automatic 1-2″ and “start “!!





After 20 minutes…


Skin tomatoes with a fork.

Serve over whole tomato soup, sprinkled with parmesan cheese and dried basil!



This is a dinner with the tomato soup.

Easy & Healthy Corn Soup



Repeat Ratio★★★★★


Have you ever failed to boil vegetables?

Hot Cook always makes perfectly tender food.



* a can of corn potage (with taste)

* milk ( Follow the amount listed on the can.)

● 100 g onion (chopped)

● 30 g carrots (chopped)



In Japan, you can get ” corn cream cans”.

This is with taste.  You only put milk in.



キッコーマン デルモンテホールコーンクリーム粒入り380g×24個【1個あたり95円】☆3ケースまで送料1配送分☆

はごろもフーズ シャキッとコーンクリーム コンソメ入り 180g缶


If you can’t get this, put below ingredients instead.

●a can of corn (6 oz)

●butter (30 g)

●2 Tsp consomme

●milk (14 oz)


Just put all of them!! Choose the button”manual 1-6 (6 minutes)″ and “start “!!


After about 20 minutes・・・(6 minutes means “after boil”. So, it takes more time actually.)

It’s done!!


This is a dinner with the corn soup.





Repeat Ratio★★★★


Very easy!!

Taste is OK…??


2 serves

■ 1 Chicken thigh(*big bite size pieaces) 
■ 1 onion(sliced)
■ ★2 Tbsp soy sauce 
■ ★1 Tbsp Mirin (sweet sake) 大さじ1
■ ★1 Tbsp sugar 
■ ★1 Tbsp cooking sake 
■ ★1/3 Tsp Dashi-no-moto 
● 2 eggs (beaten)
▲chopped scallions 2Tsp
▲Shitimi-togarashi (seven flavor chili pepper) 1/3Tsp


* I recommend you put whole chicken in Hot cook and cut it later.

Cut chicken is easy to become dry after the heat because the chicken oil goes out from the cut end.




Put  them “■(without beaten egg)”  in !!

Choose the button”Automatic 1-8 ″ and “start “!!

After 40 minutes…


Put in “●(beaten egg)”.  Add 3-5 minutes. ( If you can’t select additional mode, choose the button “manual 1-1, 3minutes.”



Serve over Oyako-don, sprinkled with ”■(chopped scallions and seven flavor chili pepper)”!


Mashed Potatoes With Salmon



Repeat Ratio★★★★★


Very easy to cook mashed potato with Hot Cook !!

This recipe uses the mashed potato!


3 serves

● 4 potatoes (600g)(cut bite size pieaces)

●3Tbsp water

■ butter ( 30 g)

■ 3 Tbsp milk  ( add it until smooth)

▲4 salmon

▲ bread crumb ( the proper amount)

▲salt & pepper (the proper amount)



Put “● (potatoes  and 3 Tbsp water)” in Hot Cook.  ( Potatoes with water are easy to mash.)

Choose the button”Automatic 3-4″ and “start “!!

After 25 minutes….


Put “■(butter and milk)” in Hot Cook. 



Mash them with wooden spatula!! 

Mashed potatoes are readied!


Then, put them on salmon sprinkled with bread crumb, salt, and pepper.

If you like oily food, drip olive oil,too.

Bake at 200℃ for 40 minutes. 






This is a dinner with the mashed potatoes.


Thank you for reading!

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  1. These recipes are very useful.
    I went to Japan for a tour in 2017 and bought this pot in yodobashi. Because I was busy, I put it away when I came home.
    Now it’s 2020. I’ve found it and I am planning to use it.
    It’s amazing that the time(lid) is still the correct Japanese time.
    Because of the poor Japanese, I tried to find the manual in English or Chinese, and finally I found it. Sharp website in Malaysia. But it doesn’t include recipes, and it’s not for ht99a. Even if there are recipes, they can’t be used universally.
    Then I found you!
    I will try these recipes! Thank you!

    1. Thank you for your comment!
      It’s great to hear that!

      Well. actually,you will be able to cook any soup with “Automatic 1-2” function.
      Put some ingredients,seasoning,and water in the HOT Cook.Select the butten “Automatic1-2”.I hope this helps you!